Published Poems and Essays

New work is forthcoming in The Banyan Review, The Broadkill Review; Cephalopod anthology; Cimarron Review; Cold Mountain Review; The Global South; Harpur Palate; Shenandoah; South Dakota Review; TAB, The Journal of Poetry & Poetics; Whale Road Review; The Worcester Review; and more.

About Place, “Bikini,” “During quarantine, I embrace myself as a long-hauler,” “In Quarantine, I Splinter Anger,” “After Lockdown, Summer Prayer for,” “Spraying for Zika: A Lesson in the Hydrology Cycle in the Everglades”

A-Minor Magazine, “Estrangement Is a Bitter Fruit; Or, Why I Couldn’t Watch Poetry Become History at LV”

Aji Magazine, “Evaporating Villanelle for a Declining Pet”

Amuse-Bouche/Lunch Ticket, “Incantation for the God Gene”

Another Chicago Magazine, “Salt,” “The Progressive Lenses of Subdivisions”

AS/Artists Studio Magazine, “Antonomasia”

ASP Bulletin (Alan Squires Publishing), “We Pretend Britney Spears Is a Hurricane,”The Crisis Is a Border

The Bangor Literary Journal, “I praise my neighbors”

Blue Lyra Review, “Refrain for Rooftop Season,” “Miami: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

Book of Matches, “The Hawk as Omniscient Narrator”

Bullets into Bells, “How to Dis/Arm a Female Teacher”

CHEST, “American Sentencing”

Cider Press Review, “I Drink to Irony,” “Incantation for Akimbo,” “Misdirection” 

Cigar City Poetry Journal, “Bodies of Evidence”

Cleaver Magazine, “Night Sweats”

The Compassion Anthology, “Internment” 

The Comstock Review, “When You See Something, Stay Camouflaged,” Volume 33:2, fall/winter 2019; “Scenes from an Indonesian Village Where Flooding Hits a Nearby Dye, Factory, Turning the Water Red,” Volume 35, spring/summer, 2021 (print; all available for purchase)

Construction Magazine, “To the Man Who Parked His Jacked-Up F-150 with Steel Nuts Hanging from the Fender in the Disabled Spot” (2019 competition finalist), “What Marks the Spot Is the Cost of Doing Business” 

Crab Creek Review, “23andMe Says My Body Is A Sanctuary City,” (semi-finalist for the 2017 Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize; also a finalist for the 2017 Bermuda Triangle prize;) “Mud,” “Zinnias Are Known as ‘Cut and Come Again’ Flowers” (print; all available for purchase)

Crab Orchard Review, “Plexiglass Suburbia,” “Slough Slogging in the Dry Season” (print; available for purchase)

Cultural Daily, “Duck” (2021 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize Finalist)

Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts, “Through the Ash, New Leaves,” issue 27, Volume 1, Spring 2022, “Nazi Memorabilia Are the Hot Lots” (Finalist, 2021 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest); “Kapok” (Finalist, 2020 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest); “Shooting the Alpha Female” (print; all available for purchase)

december, “When Judge Judy Calls Your Outfit a Queen Esther Costume,” volume 30, issue 2 (print; available for purchase)

DIAGRAM, “Bracelet for Sale on Mercari,” “Evaporating Villanelle for Labor”

DIALOGIST, “Today I will celebrate all that is lovely in the world”

The Dodge, Insects,” “Canceling Adult Swim,” “Searching for the Florida Panther, I See Only Signs”

Drunk Monkeys, “When Judge Judy Asks You How Many Times You’ve Been Arrested”

Fantastic Floridas, “For Urgent Prayer, Please Press 1” 

Equinox, “Extreme Heat Warning”

Fatal Flaw, “Superstition

Feral: A Journal of Art and Poetry, “In Quarantine, I Dissect Ambition”

The Fourth River, “Play, with Foreign Object”, “The Nature of Nurture,” “Snowbirds

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, “My Son’s First Brain”

Gordon Square Review, “Internment”

Gravel, “Premature Requiem for Frigate Birds”, “Hip”

Gyroscope Review, “Decoys”

The Hamilton Stone Review, “Do Over,” “The Quality Time of Slow Travel,” “Surge: An Epigenesis”

Headway Quarterly, “Mare Internum: The Secret World Inside You” (runner-up in Headway Quarterly’s Inaugural Writing Contest)

Heavy Feather Review, “What We Did”

Hobart, “Boyish Pursuits,” “For Use in Forecasting”

ICON, Aqiqah: The Boat Speaks” (winner of the 2017 Hart Crane Poetry Award)

Indianapolis Review, “Self Help Q-and-A at Zoo da Maia”

The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, “Aphasia,” “Bilateral Tendencies,” “Dances with Pills,“Ode to Melatonin

JAMA, “Vitreous”

Jet Fuel Review, “Future Humans Won’t See This,” “The Golden Orbanizer Speaks the Shadoma”

jmww, “Massage Sonnet,” “The Opposite of Mecca,” “ICU Prose Cento,” “Hives,” “My Husband Shoots Me,” “To a Jewish Casket”

K’in, “Make Sure You Don’t Get Shit-Faced and Land on Your”

LEON Literary Review, “An Abecedarian of American Sentences as a Summary of Intrinsic Motivation

Limp Wrist, “Evaporating Villanelle for Algae Bloom”

The Laurel Review, “Soil Taxonomy” (print; available for purchase)

The MacGuffin, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2, fall 2022, “X Marks the Spot” (print; available for purchase)

The McNeese Review/Boudin, “Marching Band Perp Walk”* and “How to Get Away with Slinging a Celine,” (Marching Band Perp Walk” nominated for a 2019 “Best of the Net” Award); “Self-Portrait as God’s Greatest GIF”

Matter Monthly, “Kapok Tree,” “Ritual

The Maynard, “The Gee Whiz Element of Tropical Storms and Symphonies,” “A Symptom of Resignation” 

Menacing Hedge, “When Judge Judy Asks If You’re on Psychotropic Meds,” “Out Here in Television Land,” and “Contract Law, to the Letter”

Mezzo Cammin, “X-Ray, Three Views, for an Impression of Osteoporosis,” and “Jesus Christ Has Entered the Waiting Room on”

Michigan Quarterly Review, “I Commiserate with the Pygmy Octopus Found in the Miami Beach Parking Garage,”  “Custody”

The Missouri Review Poem of the Week, “Borromean Rings,” “Infusions”

Mom Egg Review (MER VOX), “Advised to Keep a Journal During Lockdown, I Pretend I Am in Pompeii” and “Quaran-teened,” “Brief Portrait of Millennials As a Nebulizer; Or, There Are Reasons to Breathe,” “Photograph of a Boy and His Dog”

Narrative Northeast, “Marine Pilots Investigated for Drawing Penis and Testicles with Plane” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

The New Poet, “To a Stone, Caught in the Rube Goldberg Digestion Machine”

North Dakota Quarterly, “Jump,” “No(ise Is What I Hear”

Notre Dame Review, “Flotsam & Jetsam” issue, Number 53, winter/spring 2022, “Letting a Thousand Flowers Blossom” (print/available for purchase)

One, “Giant Swallowtail Origin Story,” “Face Value,” “Voyage, Closed and Done” (nominated for 2016 Best of the Net)

Ovenbird, “Atrophy” (also collected in The 64 Best Poets of 2019 Anthology, Black Mountain Press, print/available for purchase)

Painted Bride Quarterly, “The Physics of Falling Mangoes”

Palm Beach Poetry Festival, “Fishing with Family: A Small Tale of Seasickness” (second place winner); “Elsa’s Staircase” (third place winner)

Panorama: A Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature, “To the Hiker Who Showed Me the Meadow of Wild Chives

Pareidolia Literary, “Yokemate”

The Penn Review, “Rub

Peauxdunque Review, “The Anthropogenesis of a Relative Relationship Based Solely on Proximity,” issue 2 (print; available for purchase)

Pine Hills Review, “Echo, with Pandemic,” “Judge Judy Is Not Dr. Phil” and “The Blathering Blues, as Performed by Judge Judy”

Poet Lore, “I Dream That My Dead Brother Sues Me on Judge Judy,” volume 114, issue 3/4 (print; available for purchase)

The Poet’s Billow, “Anecdata” (runner-up in The Atlantis Award; nominated for 2016 “Best of the Net” Award and The Pushcart Prize); “Mobility” (finalist for the 2017 Bermuda Triangle Prize)

Poetry South, Ways to Discount a Woman,” 2019 issue (print; available for purchase)

Prime Number Magazine, “Congressional Complex”

Psaltery & Lyre, “Swell,” “Vision: Myopic”

Rattle, “Nobody Dies Because They Don’t Have Access to Health Care”

Rise Up Review, “Necrosis”

River Heron Review, “An Abecedarian for When All That Glitters Is Glitter

River Styx, “Grandmother Fugue”

Rogue Agent Journal, “Apologia to My Scapula”, “Nocturne with Needle,” “Extreme Value Theorem”

Ruminate, “Immortality Is (Im)Material

Salamander, “Anatomy of a Shipwreck in the Mediterranean,” issue fall/winter 2018-19 (print; available for purchase)

Santa Ana River Review, “Almost After Appearance”

Scintilla, “Native Shapes”

Seneca Review, “What Judge Judy Says” (print; available for purchase) 

Sheila-Na-Gig, “Aubade for Birds,” “During Quarantine, I Discover That @Death Follows Me on Twitter”

The Shore, “A Nocturne for Challah,” “The Opossum Is a Marsupial

Shot Glass Journal, “Birefringence”

South Florida Poetry Journal, “Hope Is a Four-Letter Word That Means To,” “Tsuris”

The Spectacle, “In the Photic Zone”

Split Rock Review, “Imperfect Authentic Cadence: Music Theory for the Mare Nostrum”

Spillway, “From the Department of Vegetable Pathology, We Regret to Inform You,” “Luggage: The Bass” (print; available to purchase)

Stickman Review, “Boxing Felix,” “Fireflies”

Stirring: A Literary Collection, “Achilles’ Pathology”

Sweet: Lit, “Post-Menopausal Love Poem That Begins with Guilt and Ends with Air Plants” (2021 poetry competition finalist)

TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics, “Unfriending the Dead,” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize), “Obituary for the Order of Things” (forthcoming)

Tampa Review, “The Song Remained the Same,” Issue 59/60 (print; available for purchase)

Tar River Poetry, volume 62, number 1, fall 2022, “Vow” (print; available for purchase), “Mango: An Inheritance with a High Error Rate,” “Natural Selection”

Thin Air Magazine, “About the Abeyance of Insects; Or, Why Judge Judy Keeps Flyswatters on the Bench,“Instructions for Finding a Detachable Set of Invisible Wings”

Tiferet Journal, “Birkat HaBayit: A Woman Is a Bird When,” winner of the 2020 Writing Contest for Poetry, Autumn/Winter 2020 issue (print; available for purchase)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, “The Foundation of the Number Six (Is Family and a Harmonious Home)” (2019 Brett Elizabeth Jenkins competition finalist)

Twyckenham Notes, “Aubade After Tropical Storm”

UCity Review, “Fire,” “Hedonism,” “A Neighbor on NextDoor Asked,” “Under the Influence of,” “Harvest Is a False Flag,” “Evaporating Villanelle for Procrastination: An Aren’t Poetica”

Under a Warm Green Linden, “Evaporating Villanelle During a Time of Pandemic” and “I Live at Ground Zero of the Climate Exodus; Or, How to Sell a Waterfront Home in Miami,” “Peak Intensities: A Doctored Pastoral”

Valparaiso Poetry Review, “Millipedes in the Wet Season,” “The Sound of Zero Copula,” “Trophic Cascade,” “Under the Weather”

Waxwing Literary Magazine, “Rooster Blues”, “Fishing from the Roof of the House

West Trade Review, “Pretzel

The Westchester Review, “My Hairdresser Is a Man Who Loves the Shape of a Woman’s”

Whale Road Review, “Yearn”

The Worcester Review, Volume XLI, Numbers 1 &2, 2020, “I Pose / For a Selfie with Venom / My Termite Service Technician / Who Is Still Sometimes Recognized as His Nineties UFC Persona” (print; available for purchase)

Anthologies and Textbooks

101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium, eds. Matthew E. Silverman, Nancy Naomi Carlson (The Ashland Poetry Press, 2021), “In Poverty of Climate, People of Other Are Known as Lichen”

Bloomsbury’s Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry, eds. Matthew E. Silverman, Deborah Ager (Bloomsbury )

The Book of Life After Death: Essays & Poems, ed. Tim Linder (Tolsun Books), “Elegy for a Gambler”

Campfire Stories Volume II: Tales from America’s National Parks and Trails, eds. Dave Kyu ad Ilyssa Kyu (Mountaineers Books, 2023), “Searching for the Florida Panther, I Find Only Signs,” “Slough Slogging in the Dry Season”

The Ending Hasn’t Happened Yet, ed. Hannah Soyer (Sable Books, 2022), “X-Ray, Three Views, for an Impression of Osteoporosis”

Essential Voices: A Covid-19 Anthology

Grabbed: Poets & Writers on Sexual Assault, Empowerment & Healing, eds. Richard Blanco, Caridad Moro, Nikki Moustaki, Elisa Albo (Beacon Press, 2020), “Recipe for Resistance,” “Where to Bow to the Will of the Majority”

Hurricane Blues

Is It Hot in Here Or Is It Just Me? Women Over 40 Write on Aging, ed. Jannette Schafer (Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh, 2019) “I regret eating freedom for breakfast”

Navigating Narratives: A Thematic Reader (Hawkes Learning, 2022), “Confederate Lake Effect”

Read Water: An Anthology, es. Hari Alluri, Garret Bryant, Amanda Fuller (Locked Horn Press, 2020), “From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, the Boats Unionize: Evergreen Clause 1”

Recasting Masculinity, eds. Cedric Rudolph, RK Taylor, Matt Ussia (Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh, 2020), “I Dream That My Dead Brother Sues Me on Judge Judy,” “My Son’s First Brain (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)” “To the Main Who Parked His Jacked-Up F-150 with Steel Nuts Hanging from the Fender in the Disabled Spot”

Rewilding: Poems for the Environment, ed. Crystal S. Gibbins (Flexible Press, 2020), “Flight Plan”

The Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2019 (The Black Mountain Press, 2020), “Atrophy”

Features and Reprints

Acquired Taste, Poems from Brie Season, “A Note to GK Chesterton,” “Double Gloucester with Chives and Onions,” “Fibonacci’s Angels at Surfing Goat Dairy”

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, “My Husband Shoots Me,” “Walt Whitman’s Boys”

Cultural Weekly, Poems from The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, April 9, 2021

Eat This Poem, Poem from Brie Season, “The Cappuccino Life”

The Food Poet, Poem from Brie Season, “Segments of an Orange”

Moms on Poetry, “Segments of an Orange”

Negative Capability Press, Poem and interview from The Treasures That Prevail

Poetry Superhighway, Poems from The Treasures That Prevail

RadiusLit, Feature on invented forms

Verse Daily, “Internment,” “The President of People Fooling Themselves”, “What My Autopsy Will Reveal”

The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed from Sundress Publications, Poems from The Crossing Over, June 24-28, 2019

via The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Crossing by Jen Karetnick

via The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Crossing by Jen Karetnick

via The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Crossing by Jen Karetnick

via The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Crossing by Jen Karetnick

via The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Crossing by Jen Karetnick