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Ice Cube Tray Recipes: 75 Easy and Creative Kitchen Hacks for Freezing, Cooking, and Baking with Ice Cube Trays
Skyhorse Publishing, 2019

*Writing, Recipes, Food Styling, and Photography by Jen Karetnick*

“This is a great idea – especially if you are dieting. Can make mini snacks and freeze left over items. I love this idea and recipes.”

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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami 
Luster, First Edition 2017; Second Edition 2019

Photography by Valerie Sands

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“I have lived in South Florida for 10 years and never knew some of these locations existed. My husband and I have started randomly selecting pages out of the book for things to do on the weekends. Great photography! I enjoyed just flipping through the book and looking at the pictures. Worth the $20 something dollars.”

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University Press of Florida

*Second Place
Les Dames d’Escoffier International
M.F.K. Fisher Award for Excellence in Culinary Writing
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Jen’s nickname, Mango Mama, could not be more appropriate! She uses mangos in the most unexpected ways, both in savory and sweet recipes. With this book in hand, you will never look at a mango the same way again.

Ingrid Hoffmann, host of the Food Network’s Simply Delicioso

Fodor’s Around Miami with Kids, 1st Edition
Fodor’s Travel

Around Miami with Kids

Co-Authored Books:

Born-Again Vintage:
25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent, and Recycle Your Wardrobe
With Bridgett Artise
Potter Craft, 2008

Born Again Vintage

…this book’s forward actually encourages readers to use stained, weird, or out-of-date pieces. Why? Because you’re going to chop them up into little pieces, so what does it matter? It’s truly the thrift-fearing fashion lover’s self-help book… I’m huge on the idea of green living, and thusly hail this book as a fashion bible from this moment forward.

Linday Ginn,

Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow
With Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis
William Morrow Cookbooks, 2005

Raw Food Real World

“Don’t be put off by the ‘raw’ part of Raw Food/Real World, says food writer Heidi Swanson in choosing this title for her holiday cookbook picks. “Many of the recipes in this knock-out book are creative and delicious.”

When I first received this book I couldn’t put it down. To be honest, I still cant put it down, it is intriguing, it is fascinating-it is aligning with a higher cosmic truth or something, so special! So much fun, so colorful, such a beautiful book, classy, playful, confident, and modern, by great writers. I unlike other posts here, LOVE the explanations and writing that Sarma has for us. Because eating for me is not about satisfying my hunger, for me eating is an art, it is all about exploring and learning the potential of all the ingredients- I am personally fascinated by ingredients. The writers have taken a HUGE challenge to write a book like this, their trailblazing experiences with raw food are something I take great pleasure in reading about. Because the book breaks it down step by step and explains a lot about utensils and single ingredients, I got the courage to venture into the advanced stages of raw food; I actually started dehydrating to make raw granola! Now nut milks are regular ingredients in our fridge and honestly- my practical family who will not give into any new “hype” are finishing my nut milks! It is not only about eating high quality food; it’s a whole experience. I have been upgraded, I know more. I love this book!

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